Xbox used to have a challenge with Gold subscription retention. A new multiplayer game would come out, and they'd see a surge of players signing up for a month of Gold (online play subscription), then the game hype would die down, and the players would lapse.
Xbox tasked my team with creating a campaign that would convince players to stay "Gold" (subscribe to the service) year-round and provided subscriber data that led to insights... players with 10+ friends had the propensity to be more active and stay subscribed. 
I led my team to develop a campaign that repositioned Gold from an obstacle into a place where players could hang out and connect... a club for gamers.
First, we rebuilt the Xbox Live pages (some of the highest visited pages on to tell the story of Xbox Gold as an inclusive community and welcomed players to join.
Then, we identified players with less than ten friends on Xbox and sent them a note that highlighted the benefits of joining our club, helped them become more involved in our community, and encouraged players to create connections that would make their experience on Gold more valuable. Alone you are mighty. With others, you're Gold. 
Xbox Live Gold membership shot up by +9MM members (30% increase) in one quarter, the retention challenge was solved, and Xbox is still leveraging the same architecture and messaging positions seven years later.
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