Strategy: Tomb Raider game fans love nothing more than to solve a challenge, and the more difficult it is, the sweeter the reward. We needed to create the world's hardest email.
Execution: We invented technology to turn our email into an interactive adventure. It began with a secret door that slid open to reveal a mysterious map, which directed fans to the legal portion of the email to drive to a microsite where they had to solve yet one more puzzle.
Results: Only an elite 0.1% of gamers solved the puzzle, but that meant it worked; we achieved the worldā€™s hardest email that only the most Lara Croft-inspired gamers could solve ā€“ and we know they talked about it ā€“ as Social media erupted with tens of thousands of Tomb Raider fans trying to solve the puzzle, generating goal-busting sales. The site also achieved a 61.1% higher CTOR than average.
The last puzzle was a moving video projected onto the mixed up pieces (each piece's image was constantly changing) 
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