I work for METATHEORY as the Brand Manager where I developed the brand, tagline, copy library, brand guidelines, website design, marketing strategies, and directed the opening cinematic, cutscenes, trailers, and key art for our flagship title: DuskBreakers. I also managed the Social channels during our critical launch window.

Opening cinematic for DuskBreakers that sets up the first mission. I developed the script, did the VO, created the storyboards, and worked across departments direction to refine camera moves and edits.

Sizzle trailer for DuskBreakers we developed to convey the game vibe.

I worked across many departments and with our C-level to design and strategically message duskbreakers.gg to improve onboarding for both web2 and web3 audiences.

The results of my 3 month stint overseeing our X/Twitter account during the DuskBreakers launch with no paid placement - just engaging content and speedrun contests.

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