For Halloween, we turned email into an actual game of trick-or-treat.
The results were scary good (and we won a lot of awards and broke all kinds of records).
We sent our audience an email featuring a doorbell - and then begged them not to ring it. Some were rewarded with a treat, and we sent them another door. ​​​​​​​
Others, though, found that ringing the bell had earned the attention of the zombie horde. For them, it was game over and their inboxes were spammed with the living dead.
Game over! Your inbox is invaded by (information about the) zombies
More than 57,000 played. Some received treats from Dead Rising 3. Those players kept going at a 96.2% clickthrough rate. THE REST WERE TURNED INTO ZOMBIES.
But all of them were excited about the game—Dead Rising 3 quickly became the #1 pre-ordered Xbox One game on​​​​​​​
Each digital "treat" revealed an aspect of the game
Here's how it worked. While seeming complex, the users journey was actually quite simple.
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