The Rise of the Tomb Raider: THE WORLD'S HARDEST EMAIL

My team was tasked with proving that Rise of the Tomb Raider was everything fans loved from the first game and more. Our objective was to drive engagement through email participation and social sharing. It worked - and the campaign won a GMA, 3 Gold Addys, District Gold and Silver Addys and was nominated for a Webby.

Role: Creative Director, Game Designer, Strategist
Strategy: Tomb Raider game fans love nothing more than to solve a challenge, and the more difficult it is, the sweeter the reward. We needed to create the world's hardest email.
Execution: We invented technology to turn our email into an interactive adventure. It began with a secret door that slid open to reveal a mysterious map, which directed fans to the legal portion of the email to drive to a microsite where they had to solve yet one more puzzle.
Results: Only an elite 0.1% of gamers solved the puzzle, but that meant it worked; we achieved the world’s hardest email that only the most Lara Croft-inspired gamers could solve – and we know they talked about it – as Social media erupted with tens of thousands of Tomb Raider fans trying to solve the puzzle, generating goal-busting sales. The site also achieved a 61.1% higher CTOR than average.
Click the image above to experience the puzzle game shown above.

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