Getting an award for a zombie game from Chris Hardwick? Perfect.

I ask questions that lead to insights. With my Wonka-like imagination, I inspire my teams to develop amazing creative solutions for global brands that crush business goals. Along the way I build lifelong relationships with clients and peers, and win awards (Webby, GMA, ADDY, ECHO, etc.) for consumer marketing and product design.

// Proud of //
40+ industry awards for creative thinking
100,000+ likes for social content I designed
96.2% click-through on an email that broke nearly every best-practice rule
The world’s most personalized campaign
30% increase in gold subscriptions
Fan appreciation of what I do - and earning fans for who I do it for
Promoting creative talent
SME for Y&R (Consumer Engagement)

// Leadership skills //
Creative direction, mentoring/coaching, developing and retaining talent, scheduling, budgeting, client facing, C-suite experienced, presenting, process development, project management

// Story skills //
Brand stories and campaigns, headlines, taglines, naming, screenwriting, dialog tree, social media, community engagement, strong understanding of cannon

// Art skills //
Layout, color theory, typography, UI, icons, branding, logos, interactive, web design, animation, illustration, info-graphics, packaging, posters, trade show graphics, storyboards, concept art, IP development

// Strategy skills //
Brand strategy, consumer insight, channel and market analytics, competitive analysis, brainstorms, partnerships, gamification, turning data into information (and information into stories)

// Spare time //
I do a lot of work on the house - we took our 1965 mid-century modern house down to the studs. Rewired, replumbed, moved walls ... it's a big project. I also fumble a bit with the guitar, read a lot to my son Penn, do a bit of cooking and mixology, sketch, paint, and try to get outside with my family as much as possible.

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